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N.C. Campaign Aims To 'Pop Cap' On Current Alcohol Limit In Beer

Posted April 12, 2004 3:38 a.m. EDT

— A push to raise the alcohol content in beer is gaining ground in North Carolina.

Those behind a campaign called "Pop the Cap," want lawmakers to remove the current 6 percent alcohol limit on beer in North Carolina.

A group of breweries and beer lovers are making it a political mission to eliminate the cap. The campaign has even retained a lobbyist.

"We don't undersand why we can't have half the beer that's brewed in the world," beer expert Jack Van Schoor said. "The irony of it all is you can walk into an ABC store and buy hard liquor, which is 50 percent volume."

Flying Saucer manager Jeff Mickel hopes the campaign succeeds.

"We would like to give our customers the best quality of beer, but unfortunately with the law, we can't," he said.

Opponents fear lifting the ban would cause people to get intoxicated more quickly.

"My daughter was injured by a drunk driver," said Malcolm Bell.

Bell says his daughter barely survived and is confined to a wheelchair.

Supporters say Pop the Cap is meant for serious beer afficianados.

"High alcohol content beer is not for sporting events and college frat parties," Mickel said.

Alabama, Arkansas, Missisippi, and South Carolina are the only other states with the restriction.