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Raleigh High School Student Charged With Assault In Stun Gun Attack

Posted April 9, 2004 11:36 a.m. EDT

— A student at Southeast Raleigh High School could be suspended if he is found guilty of using a stun gun on a classmate.

Eric Rogers, 17, has been charged with simple assault. According to police, Rogers used a stun gun on Sean Campbell in the school hallway.

Campbell reportedly was knocked to his knees but was not seriously hurt.

Investigators believe it was a random attack and that Campbell and Rogers did not know each other.

Rogers was released to the custody of his aunt and uncle, who are his guardians. He faces a possible one-year suspension. His aunt says it was an accident.

Stun guns deliver an electric jolt of between 80,000 and 625,000 volts. They are legal in North Carolina.