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Lee County School Board Votes To Reinstate Football Coach

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SANFORD, N.C. — The Lee County School Board voted unanimously Thursday night to put an end to a coaching controversy. Board members voted to reinstate Charlie Groves as football coach at Lee County High School.

Superintendent Barry Aycock had removed Groves as head football coach in February, reassigning Groves to another position because of what he called a lack of community support for Groves as coach. Groves appealed that decision.

Groves' supporters made themselves heard, disputing Aycock's claim and questioning his motives. They accused Aycock of giving in to pressure from a small but powerful group of parents who wanted Groves replaced because of their sons' lack of playing time.

Lee County principal Dave Malechek announced his resignation to take a job in Wake County reportedly because he was upset with Aycock's decision.

Aycock and Groves each told his side of the story at Thursday night's closed hearing.

At a meeting at 10:30 a.m. Friday, school board members are expected to decide whether they will release specific information about what was behind the effort to oust Groves in the first place. So far, that information has not been made public.