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Henderson Plant Continues To Be Productive Months After Fire

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ETC Plant
HENDERSON, N.C. — A Henderson plant continues to rise from the ashes. ETC stayed in business and kept its 70 workers on the payroll, despite a massive fire.

Firefighters were able to save ETC's main office and several smaller buildings, but the business, which makes floor cleaning products, did not fold. Employees continued to fill orders, while crews began to rebuild. According to Henderson Mayor Clem Seifert, the news was good for the town.

"We hear every day about this plant closing or that plant closing. They had a good opportunity to pack up and leave," he said.

ETC hopes its commitment to stay in business in Henderson will help their cause. The company needs special approval from City Hall for its new 18,000-square-foot building.

However, some residents have a problem with the plant. It is located in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Neighbors said they complained because the plant was not keeping the neighborhood clean, along with problems with traffic and parking.

"This has been an ongoing problem since the 1990s. Our concerns are about the trash, and it's not because of the fire," property owner Harriett Butler said.

The Henderson zoning board approved the special-use permit with stipulations. Traffic, parking and trash around the plant must be addressed.


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