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Triangle Shoppers To Be Flooded With New Choices In Near Future

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North Hills Rendering
RALEIGH, N.C. — The new North Hills mall is set to open in the fall, sparking competetion among Triangle-area retailers and providing shoppers with more choices.

Crews are working at a quick pace to get the new North Hills up and running. Starting next fall, shoppers will have 60 new stores and 12 restaurants to choose from. Unlike the old North Hills mall, the new one will be have an outdoor feel.

"We've focused on the best of the best. We're trying to get the best of the locals and the best of the regionals," said Mike Smith of Kane Realty Corp. "This is really a main street feel."

Miles away from the new North Hills, another main street is popping up. Cameron Village is also getting a facelift with new awnings, new signs and a new image. Developer Smedes York admits the new North Hills is keeping everyone on their toes.

"You're always trying to keep it fresh and do new things," he said. "We never look at competition as a threat, but as keeping our own business looking good and not expecting people to come just because we'd like them to come here."

The two shopping centers will feature some of the same shops. With so much continued growth in the Triangle, both developers believe there will be enough business to go around.

Jeana Young owns Francis King Stationary, which has been located in Cameron Village for more than a decade. Next fall, Young will open a second store at North Hills. She said she chose the location for its accessibility.

"I believe with North Hills, for a lot of my customers, it will be more convenient for them. They may shop more and they may come in more," she said.

The old North Hills and the old Cameron Village shared some of the same stores years ago and both centers were successful. The new North Hills is set to open in October.

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