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Fort Bragg Soldiers Engage In Live Fire Training Exercises

Posted March 31, 2004 4:16 a.m. EST

— Soldiers at Fort Bragg are preparing for the unexpected.

They used live rounds during a training exercise Wednesday. Bragg soldiers occasionally use live fire, but rarely in situations where the action is fluid and the troops are moving. The idea is to give them confidence, along with the technical training.

"It's going to teach me a lot while I'm downrange in a combat zone or in Iraq, so that I know how to react when a situation comes along that we're attacked during a convoy," military intelligence officer Merle Tester said.

"As long as you keep your mind set on your mission, you should be good to go," communications specialist Spc. Jorge Perez said.

Some of the soldiers who participated in the live fire drills will be going to Iraq.