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Moore Residents 'Teed Off' With Golf Course Owners

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Golf Roadblock
MOORE COUNTY, N.C. — Oakwood Hills is known for its pine trees and rolling greens. Now, the golf course community is also known for a legal battle between residents and golf course owners.

The neighborhood used to have two entrances, but when the owners of the golf course closed one of them off, they opened up a number of safety concerns.

Emergency crews come down U.S. Highway 1 from the Persimmon Drive side. With the road blocks, they have to go around the other side and backtrack. Residents, mostly retirees, are afraid it will take crews longer to respond.

"It makes me feel terrible. It makes me feel very concerned, and I can't understand the purpose of it," resident Charles Schoolcraft said.

According to legal documents, the owner of the golf course, Sound Golf Enterprises, closed the road for safety reasons. Owners do not want car traffic where "patrons" and employees typically walk.

In an effort to compromise, residents said they are willing to pay for speed bumps along the road.

Golf course representatives did not return calls from WRAL. There is no word on whether they are considering the speed bump offer. Meanwhile, emergency officials said they are aware of the roadblock and plan to respond accordingly.


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