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Wake School Board Approves Reassignment Plan

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WAKE COUNTY, N.C. — Wake County's reassignment process has been taking shape since September. Now, the school board approved the largest reassignment shuffle in Wake County's history.

The board approved the reassignment proposal 7-1 Tuesday. Board member Ron Margiotta voted against it.

Dr. Ramey Beavers, of Wake County public schools, reported in January that the reassignment process was moving along smoother than expected. The original proposal suggested moving 8,388 students. After a public comment period, 550 students were removed from that plan.

Earlier in March, the public had one more chance to give feedback at two public hearings. After those hearings, school board members removed about 20 more students from the draft.

After six months of work, the final draft suggests moving more than 7,700 students.

Parents can expect plenty of activity in the next few months. In mid-May, parents will get their school assignments. The transfer application process begins May 14. The transfer hearings will take place in late June or early July. Year-round school begins July 12. The traditional calendar begins August 10.

More than 108,000 students are enrolled in Wake County public schools. Next year, enrollment is expected to reach 113,000.


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