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Middlesex Attempts To Clean Up Junkyards

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Middlesex Junkyard
NASH COUNTY, N.C. — Towers of rusted metal rise from two junkyards in the town of Middlesex. Some residents claim the junkyards are an eyesore. Now, town officials are working on a final resolution to the problem.

Both junkyards are in the middle of a residential area. Neighbors like Barbra Allen and Minnie Kale are tired of looking at it.

"It makes it look bad," Kale said. "I would like to see it cleaned up."

"I have eight grandchildren, and I don't think it's a good place for them to be playing around," stated Allen.

Middlesex Mayor Bobby Bissette said the problem is decades old.

"We get complaints from the neighbors every week, and it's an eyesore," said Bissette.

Two brothers, Ray and Cash Cameron, own the sites. A court order said they can have the junkyards, as long as they are properly fenced. Town commisioners have asked both brothers to clean up their mess many times. The commisioners recently sent a letter to the property owners telling them they have 30 days to get everything cleaned up or they will face fines.

The Camerons feel the town's request is unfair. They argue the junk was present long before any ordinance. Still, the Camerons said they are working to get rid of the junk.

Town leaders said they will work with the owners of the junkyards as long as they see real progress. If the owners do not comply, they could be fined $100 a day until the junk is cleaned.