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Two accused of ethnic intimidation in assault on Roxboro man

Posted April 10, 2012 12:51 p.m. EDT
Updated April 10, 2012 7:14 p.m. EDT

— Two of three suspects arrested in connection with a violent assault on a Roxboro man last month have been charged with ethnic intimidation, police said Tuesday.

Brothers Christopher Lee Latta, 29, of Allensville Road, Roxboro, and Brandon Latta, 22, of Peed Road, Roxboro, were arrested Tuesday morning on one count each of felonious assault and ethnic intimidation in the March 31 attack on John Lumpkin.

Both are out of jail on $25,000 bonds.

Brandy Carol Walker, also of Allensville Road, also was arrested on one count of felony conspiracy. She is also out of jail on a $9,000 secured bond.

Police didn't release further details, including what might have led to the attack, but said more arrests are possible.

Family members, however, say Lumpkin was jumped in the early hours of March 31 outside a gas station on Durham Road.

A police report says the Lumpkin told investigators that he was out with friends and got into a minor altercation with some people he didn't know. It's unclear, though, if that fight was related to the attack. The report goes on to say that the attackers kicked Lumpkin and stomped him in the face.

Lumpkin's mother says the suspects also yelled racial slurs at her son during the attack.

He suffered a swollen eye and injuries to his face. Most of the bones in his face were broken, as well as his nose, and he also suffered major damage to his sinus cavity.