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Raleigh Curbside Garbage Pilot Program To Continue

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RALEIGH, N.C. — The Raleigh City Council is reconsidering its decision to dump the pilot curbside trash program.

In early March, once-a-week curbside garbage collection got kicked to the curb. A majority of the city council said residents did not want to give up backyard service, despite a savings of nearly $4 million a year. Resident Chris Butler said she can see why.

"Having to drag out trash cans is not easy," she said.

After the decision was made to dump the idea, many other residents in the pilot program were disappointed.

"It is convenient. You only have to bring it to the curb once-a-week," program participant Bettie Pulley said.

Officials noted an increase in recycling from the program. After initially telling 7,300 participants to give up their cans, the city is now saying keep your containers because the program will continue temporarily.

City Councilwoman Janet Cowell expects some version of the pilot program to continue. The program might include a combination of weekly curbside pickups and backyard service.

"We are hearing different suggestions, trying to incorporate those into a better program. I know it is frustrating. Hopefully, people can hold out and we will come out with a better system," Cowell said.

The Solid Waste Department is leaving notes in trash cans apologizing for the inconvenience and confusion. The city will take up the issue again in April.

Members of a solid waste citizen task force are meeting with council members this week trying to determine the issues of concern. They plan to craft a proposal for the city council to consider.


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