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St. Aug President: Council's Decision Seen As Victory For College

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RALEIGH, N.C. — After fighting for a 5,000-seat stadium, St. Augustine President Dianne Boardley Suber has to settle for the City Council's plan for 2,500 seats.

"It does make it a challenge for us to provide the same opportunity to our spectators and fans, but we're a year and a half from playing in the stadium, maybe even two, so lots can happen between now and then," she said.

Taking a more diplomatic approach, Suber said the council's decision is a victory for the college.

"They did leave open the opportunity for the college to revisit the issue of seating capacity in another year or two or as growth warrants it," she said.

Recently, Suber hinted that Raleigh's bid for the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association Tournament in 2006 was tied to the success of St. Augustine's stadium plans.

"I think the council, in agreeing to allow us to build a stadium, made a good decision," Suber said.

However, everyone does not agree with the council's decision.

"If we are looking at building something that will ultimately benefit the college as well as Raleigh," resident Hope Ethington said. "We need to look at building the stadium in an area that allows for growth."

Suber said officials are close to securing money for the stadium and hope to have it built by the fall of next year.