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Parents Urged To Be More Cautious With Kids In Parking Lots

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Parking lots can be a busy place. Once you park and your children get out, it can be dangerous. A toddler was hit and killed Sunday after he ran from between parked cars in a parking lot in Raleigh.

Police say 2-year-old Kevene Ksor died Sunday after he ran in front of a SUV at the parking lot of a Raleigh restaurant. That kind of accident is prompting parents to be tough when it comes to telling their kids about the dangers of parking lots.

"Being hit by cars is certainly one type of death that is preventable," said Jennifer Tolle, co-chair of the state's Child Fatality Task Force. "As parents, we need to remember that we care about our child's safety, but other folks in our communities are not always on the lookout for children."

"A lot of people just back out. They don't think twice about backing out," parent Allison Pace said. "They come down here doing 30 miles an hour. They don't care. We just got to be careful."

Being careful means always holding a child's hand in a parking lot regardless of the child's age or maturity.

"I just make sure he holds my hand. The basic rule: his choices are I can carry him or he can hold my hand," parent Cathy Luparello said.

Day-care parking lots are especially busy places because cars and children are rushing in and out. One day-care owner said she routinely reminds her staff and parents just how dangerous the parking lot can be.


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