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Famed Randolph County Bridge Receives Renovation

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — Years ago, covered bridges covered the state, but one-by-one, they fell apart and disappeared. The Pisgah Covered Bridge outside Asheboro almost suffered the same fate, but the treasured relic is now being rescued.

The Pisgah Covered Bridge was built in 1911 and was refurbished just seven years ago.

"There are only two covered bridges in the state, so it's a rare structure," project organizer David Jones said.

Last August, a flood washed away the bridge and left it in pieces scattered downstream. Luckily, workers were able to save most of the wood.

"Like a giant three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle, it's been put back together again," Jones said.

The bridge was both a lovers' lane and a local landmark.

"[It] had a baptizing hole just down there, and there was a lot of things that went on, you know, one extreme to the other," contractor William Moffitt said.

Organizers have raised almost $80,000 to rebuild and reinforce the Pisgah Covered Bridge. It only cost $40 to build in 1911. The bridge should reopen by Easter.

The other covered bridge in the state, Bunker Hill Covered Bridge, is located two miles east of Claremont in Catawba County.


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