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Durham Woman, Baby's Return From Haiti On Hold As Unrest Continues

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DURHAM, N.C. — Stuck in the middle of all the violence in Haiti is a Triangle doctor waiting to adopt her infant son. Her husband anxiously waits at home for both to come home safely.

With every phone call and every day that passes, Dr. Rich Liebowitz grows less patient.

"My son's down there and we need to get him back," he said.

His wife, Tracy Gaudet, can e-mail pictures of their new son, Ryan, but she cannot bring him home. Gaudet has been in Haiti for a month waiting for government offices to open in order to complete the adoption paperwork.

"It's heartbreaking seeing them and wanting to be with them. It's frustrating not knowing when they're going to come back," Liebowitz said.

While they wait, Gaudet and 3-month-old Ryan are holed up in a hotel, surrounded by guns.

"Tracy's been with Ryan now almost a month -- 24-7-- and with a 3-month-old child, with gunfire and everything going on, it's a stressful situation for her," Liebowitz said.

The latest round of violence this weekend hit particularly close to home for Liebowitz. A Spanish journalist his wife got to know at her hotel was shot to death.

"Since Aristide left, there was a kind of couple of days of presumed peace and now things are much more riled," Gaudet said.

The unrest and the unknown appear to be unending.

"I wish I had a sense of time, even if I knew it was a month from now," Liebowitz said. "I hope it isn't, but just knowing would be easier to cope with than constantly hoping it's any day and always being disappointed."

If the paperwork does not start moving this week, Liebowitz says he will return to Haiti to help his wife and see his son.

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