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CSIs Take Part In Training To Reinforce Skills

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CSIs Take Part In Training To Reinforce Skills
DURHAM, N.C. — Crime scene investigators constantly need to update their training in order to handle cases involving bodies and skeletal remains.

On Wednesday, CSIs across the state combed the woods in Durham looking for "fake" skeletons and evidence. It was part of a week-long workshop sponsored by Durham Technical Community College.

"You can talk about something in class, but when you do it hands-on, it's unreal," said Eric Campen, who has been a crime scene investigator in Durham for 29 years.

Campen said there is always something new to learn and something old to relearn.

"It's a challenge. Every crime scene is different somehow," he said.

Instructors say the key to doing this kind of work is taking the time to do it right.

"We're missing information because we're doing things in a hurry," criminal justice investigator Doug Scott said.

The goal of the program is to keep CSIs up to date on the latest technology and to reinforce the basics.


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