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Result Of Good Deed Gets Bad Reception

Posted March 11, 2004 8:50 a.m. EST

— Doing a good deed came back to haunt a Lee County woman.

To get good television reception in rural areas, many people have a satellite dish. That is the case in the part of the county where Jeanette Locklear lives.

Locklear's neighbors, who were also her tenants, needed help getting satellite service.

"I wouldn't help anybody get a satellite or anything like that again. Nope. Not going do that," Locklear said.

Her tenants did not have good enough credit, so Locklear provided her credit card so that they could get the service.

It all worked fine until the renters moved out in August, leaving Locklear with a $240 early cancellation fee.

Locklear paid the fee. The next month, her credit card bill showed a $499 charge from Global Satellite Network.

"I kind of flipped out because I knew we hadn't put anything like that on there because I don't put that much on my credit cards," she said.

It turns out the company wanted payment for the equipment Locklear's renters never returned. Locklear found the equipment and sent it back to Global with the promise of a full refund. Three months later, Locklear was still waiting for the credit.

"I kept calling back and calling back and calling back," she said. "It was always, you know, he had to check this or he had to do that or it'll be credited today. Today never came."

Locklear's next call was to Five on Your Side. Five on Your Side contacted Global Satellite.

President David Wiley apologized and eventually agreed to credit Locklear $410.

"Well, I was relieved, because it's been a hassle," she said.

Locklear was originally credited $410 when she was charged $499. The difference was supposed to cover a missing piece of equipment Locklear could not find. She just found out Global Satellite Network went ahead and credited the $89.