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Unrest In Haiti Keeps Triangle Family Apart

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RALEIGH, N.C. — Rebel factions have thrown the country of Haiti into turmoil. As thousands flee the embattled nation, a Triangle doctor and her infant son are holed up in a hotel just outside Port au-Prince. Her husband is stuck in the Triangle, waiting and hoping his wife and son can make it home safely.

Dr. Rich Liebowitz said his wife is hunkering down in a guarded hotel, which serves as one of the last safe-houses in the area. He was with her just 10 days ago finishing paperwork to adopt their son, Ryan.

"He's very interactive, a very happy child with all that's going on around him," Liebowitz said.

Liebowitz's wife was planning to stay in Haiti just a couple days longer, but days have turned into weeks, and now it could be months. The chaos in the streets is creeping closer to that nation's capitol.

"The office that has to certify adoptions is closed. They are not processing any forms, nothing happening for awhile," he said.

Liebowitz said his wife was not coming home without Ryan.

"She's very adamant. She's not leaving without him," he said.

WRAL was able to contact Liebowitz's wife briefly on the phone Saturday. She said up until Wednesday, she felt relatively safe leaving her hotel, but now she does not go anywhere. She had to hire someone to go buy her baby formula and diapers.


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