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Dancer: Accuser In Duke Lacrosse Case 'Talking Crazy' After Party

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DURHAM, N.C. — According to a recent interview given by a second dancer who was at a Duke lacrosse team party, the woman who alleges she was raped was clearly impaired and "talking crazy" afterward.

"The trip in that car from the house went from happy to crazy," Kim Roberts said on "Good Morning America" Monday. "I tried all different ways to get through to her."

Roberts, who has previously called the rape allegations "a crock," left the party with the accuser and drove her to the parking lot of a nearby grocery store. Unable to get the accuser to leave her car, Roberts said she pushed on the accuser's arm and leg to try to force her out.

At that point, Roberts said, the accuser said: "'Go ahead, go ahead. Put marks on me. Go ahead. That's what I want. Go ahead.' And it chilled me to the bone."

While Roberts said she feels that detail should be considered at trial, she is worried it will lead people to rush to judgment about what happened at the party.

"It's going to solidify their opinions so much that they're not going to want to hear the other aspects of the case, which I think are just as important," she said, adding, "It's going to make people not listen to any other part of the story."

The accuser, a student at North Carolina Central University, told police she was raped in a bathroom by three lacrosse players at a March 13 off-campus team party. A grand jury later indicted three players -- Collin Finnerty, David Evans and Reade Seligmann -- on rape, kidnapping and sexual offense charges; all three have strongly declared their innocence.

In April, Roberts told The Associated Press she was not in the bathroom and therefore couldn't say if a rape occurred, but said those at the party were guilty of something other than underage drinking. In her single police interview, Roberts said the rape allegations were a "crock" and that she was with the accuser the entire time they were at the party, according to documents filed by the defense.

Roberts has since said the two women were separated at various points during the party.

Last week, Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong said during a court hearing that he still hasn't interviewed the accuser about the facts of the case, leaving that to police. Roberts' attorney said she has not spoken with the police since an initial interview in March and never with Nifong. She's not sure if she will be called as a witness at a trial, which isn't expected to start until spring.

"Because ... so much of (the accuser's) statement differs from mine ... I might not help the prosecution at all as a witness," Roberts said.

Nifong told WRAL Monday that he plans to interview witnesses and the accuser on his own timetable and won't be rushed into talking with Roberts or anyone else. He said he's comfortable with the way he's handled the case.

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