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Second Set Of Duke Lacrosse DNA Tests Cost Nearly $23,000

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DURHAM, N.C. — The DNA tests that failed to conclusively link Duke lacrosse players to a woman who alleges she was raped at a team party cost taxpayers nearly $23,000, according to court papers.

DNA Security of Burlington analyzed 23 "evidence specimens" at $450 apiece and 50 "reference specimens" that cost $250 each, according to papers filed in Durham County Superior Court.

District Attorney Mike Nifong sent dozens of samples to DNA Security of Burlington at the suggestion of the State Bureau of Investigation, whose testing failed to link any lacrosse player to an exotic dancer who alleges she was raped at a March 13 lacrosse team party.

The tests at the private lab found a partial match to player Dave Evans. Evans, along with Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann, are charged in the case.

Defense attorneys insist all the players are innocent.

The DNA Security tests also discovered tissue "consistent" with Evans' genetic structure on an acrylic fingernail that was retrieved from the house where the alleged crime occurred. Defense lawyers have said that match with Evans was inconclusive and did not constitute proof of a rape.

Seligmann, Finnerty and Evans are free under $400,000 bonds.

Seligmann and Evans are scheduled to appear in court on June 22. Finerty's attorney, Bill Cotter, filed a motion on Wednesday to waive Finnerty's appearance.

All three could go to trial in the spring.

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