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Garner Family Hopes Psychic Can Provide Answers About Teen's Death

Posted February 26, 2004 10:04 a.m. EST

— Solving crimes is not always an exact science. A Garner family is hoping a psychic can help police explain how their son died and if it was a homicide.

Dave Davis said he consulted a psychic to get some insight into how his 16-year-old son, Joshua, died.

"We went to the murder scene and stood there and she said she saw the whole crime," Davis said.

Davis said the psychic told him that a car came by with something sticking out of the window and hit Joshua on the head. That same theory is something the Garner Police Department seriously considered.

In fact, Garner detectives ended up talking to the psychic. They said any specific information about the case can be helpful.

Davis admitted that he is skeptical about the psychic's visions, but there is one prediction he hopes comes true. The psychic said police will make an arrest next week.