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N.C. Charter Schools Seek Lottery Money

Posted January 18, 2006 6:41 a.m. EST

— North Carolina's charter schools want a piece of the lottery pie.

Charter school advocates asked lawmakers Wednesday to change the new lottery law to ensure that they receive some revenues from the North Carolina Education Lottery.

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    The first games are scheduled to begin in April and could bring in more than $400 million annually in net profits. The money is supposed to go toward public school construction, efforts to reduce class sizes and expand pre-kindergarten, as well as need-based college scholarships.

    Tom Vass, of North Carolina Students for Equitable Lottery Funding, says lawmakers need to fix what he calls a legislative oversight and dedicate a portion of funds to charter schools.

    Nearly 100 charter schools in North Carolina serve about 30,000 students. They get state funds based on a per-pupil formula. Traditional public schools also receive local construction funds, but charter schools do not.