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Vass Police, Drivers Want To Know Who Shot At Passing Vehicles

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VASS, N.C. — Traffic moved well along U.S. 1 in Moore County on Monday. But it had not been smooth driving over the weekend.

Just ask Don Strickland.

Strickland and his wife were heading to dinner Saturday when someone shot their SUV.

Twenty-two shotgun pellets hit the windshield. The glass stopped the fragments just short of the passenger seat, where Strickland's wife was sitting.

"She was scared to death the rest of the night," Strickland said. "As we would pass another car, she would actually flinch or actually duck down."

Strickland called 911. Within a few minutes, two other drivers also called police to report their vehicles had been hit with shotgun pellets.

No one was hurt.

"It's very dangerous," Vass police chief Rick Bibey said. "I mean, it can lead up to bodily injury. We take this very serious."

Strickland is offering a $1,000 reward in an effort to find whoever shot the vehicles.

Two of the victims were driving just off U.S. 1, along Union Church Road, near a restaurant.

Strickland was driving on U.S. 1 South.

"Why would somebody do something like this?" Strickland said. "What kind of mentality would they have to shoot into an occupied vehicle in pitch dark? They could be shooting at their own family and not know it."


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