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Fans Say Alcohol Still A Problem At Tailgate Parties

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RALEIGH, N.C. — After last September's shootings at a tailgating party near Carter-Finley Stadium in west Raleigh, police limited access to the parking lots and increased patrols to keep fans in check.

Some people say the initial cause of the shootings was alcohol and that the problem has not been addressed. But officials at North Carolina State University say getting people to stop drinking before the game will be difficult.

Defense attorneys in the Timothy Johnson trial say alcohol fueled the fights that led to the shooting deaths of Chicago businessman Kevin McCann and 2nd Lt. Brett Harman, a Camp Lejeune Marine who was headed for Iraq and also from the Chicago area.

The manager of a Raleigh bar popular with Wolfpack fans says with the combination of a late kickoff and people drinking all day, something was bound to happen.

The shootings occurred prior to a 7 p.m. kickoff. This year's home opener is on Sunday evening before Labor Day.

A jury found Timothy Johnson guilty of first-degree murder in McCann's death and guilty of second-degree murder in Harman's death.

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