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Raleigh Mayor Unveils Funding Wishlist For Projects

Posted February 23, 2004 4:31 a.m. EST

— Every year, Raleigh tugs on federal purse strings for its biggest projects. Often times, their funding can boost an idea into reality. On Monday, Mayor Charles Meeker spelled out the city's wishlist.

The city is asking for more than $3 million for the Fayetteville Street Mall renovation project, nearly a third of the tab. This year, the city only got $175,000 in federal money.

Big problems with water treatment means big money. Raleigh's largest request is $5.25 million to expand the city's biosolid facilities, mainly the Neuse River treatment plant. The aging facility needs new pipes and a new way to dump waste.

Almost $1 million is on the horizon for the rail line. The money would go towards design plans for proposed Raleigh stations.

Outlying plans for a new police and fire headquarters are high on the list. The city wants $2 million to get design plans off the ground.

Raleigh also wants to work on a major city artery. A $2 million request is in for Hillsborough Street. The money would help build more round-abouts and sidewalks.

There were some smaller requests like more money for the city's electric cars and funding for HOV lanes, but leaders admit they do not expect to see them in the federal budget.