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Five On Your Side Gives Push To Stalled Scooter Complaint

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NASH COUNTY, N.C. — It has happened to all of us -- you buy something with great expectations, then the product does not deliver.

When the purchase is a gift, all the excitement can quickly turn into disappointment -- especially when it is for a child.

Every time Anna Starr Parker rides the scooter she got for Christmas, the fun only lasts about 3 minutes.

Battery indicator lights show the scooter is fully charged before she starts, but it cuts off after going just yards down the street, forcing the 12-year-old to push the scooter home.

Her mother, Lou Parker ordered the scooter in August from Pic2Buy.com. She paid $154.99 plus $50 shipping. When it arrived two weeks later, the scooter was cracked and dinged.Parker said the accessory box that was supposed to be included was not.

Parker called Pic2Buy immediately and said a representative told her to e-mail the company, detailing what was wrong.

After repeated calls and e-mails, Parker did not hear back from the company.At Christmas, Parker glued the crack and gave her daughter the scooter.

"When I first found out I got one I was really happy," Anna Starr said.

Then they discovered the problem with the battery.

Parker called the company again and was told she was past the three-month return period.

"This is February now and she still can't enjoy her Christmas present," Parker said after contacting Five On Your Side.

After a lot of back and forth with Five On Your Side, a Pic2Buy representative agreed to take back the scooter and either fix it or send a new one if it cannot be fixed.

"I'd just like to ride on it and just go. I just don't want to push it back," Anna Starr said.

Parker sent back the scooter just over a week ago and is waiting for either the repaired scooter or a new one.


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