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Wilson Soldier Who Died In Iraq 'A Brave Young Man,' Father Says

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Ann Edmundson
RALEIGH, N.C. — A soldier from Wilson was one of two assigned to a Colorado base who were killed in Iraq this week, the Pentagon said.

Spc. Phillip Edmundson, 22, was killed when an explosive went off near his vehicle during combat in Ramadi on Wednesday.

The other soldier, Pfc. Louis Niedermeier, of Largo, Fla., was hit by enemy fire. Both men were with units based at Fort Carson, Colo.

Edmundson's mother, Ann, said her son joined the Army because he wanted to give something back.

"'I'm going to make you proud of me one day,' he used to always tell me. He was going to make me proud of him," Ann Edmundson said. "And I was proud of him."

Edmundson deployed to Iraq last summer and called his parents from there several times a week. Their final conversation was last Friday after a close call.

"He told me they had been blown up, but he was OK," Edmundson said.

Edmundson had been home on leave for two weeks in April.

"He knew he had to go back, but he didn't really want to," Ann Edmundson said. "But he went back with a smile."

"He looked me straight in the eyes and said, 'Dad, it's a possibility that I won't come back.'" Robert Edmundson said.

While he was home, Edmundson, bought his parents a house. He had always told his parent he wanted to do something special for them just as soon as he could afford it.

The Edmundsons had just started moving when they received word of their son's death.

"I don't want nobody to feel sorry for my son," Robert Edmundson said. "I want people to remember my son as a brave young man who went over there fighting that war for his country."

Edmundson's family said they are still working on plans for a memorial service.


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