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Authorities Investigate Possible Animal Neglect In Orange County

Posted May 29, 2005 5:37 a.m. EDT

— Animal control officers in Orange County are investigating a possible neglect case after finding more than 50 dogs in one house.

Rosemary Summers, health director of Orange County, said an animal control officer went to investigate a complaint Thursday and found about 66 dogs living in a single dwelling.

The officer documented overcrowded living conditions and persuaded the owner to immediately surrender four of the dogs, Summers said.

On Saturday, public health officials took measures to seek custody of all the remaining dogs after reviewing the findings of the animal control officers, who also visited the residence on Friday as part of their investigation.

Summers said the officers documented unclean living conditions, dogs that appeared to be under nourished, and several dogs that had visible skin lesions.

All of the dogs appeared to be hydrated, alert and active, she said. Most of the dogs were Greyhounds.

Summers said the dogs will be placed in a local animal rescue shelter or in foster homes.

The dog's owners, Robin and Kenneth Wiseman, said they were trying to do good.

The Wisemans said they were running a dog rescue and just took in too many dogs. They claim they were caring for all the dogs.

The investigation is continuing to determine if cruelty and neglect charges should be filed, Summers said.

"Our main focus is the health and well being of the animals," Summers said.