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Family's Pet Back Home After Reported Theft

Posted February 23, 2004 5:37 a.m. EST

— A Cumberland County couple was reunited with their pet dog over the weekend, just a day after they had reported the dog stolen.

Tom and Lovia Barefoot said Friday that someone broke into their home, stole jewelry and

took their 20-pound dachshund, Fritz.

A man who watched a report on WRAL about the theft noticed that the dog he had just bought looked a lot like Fritz. As it turned out, it was Fritz.

The man said he bought the dog from a couple who said they were moving out of town and could not take the dog. He bought the dog for his father.

He said the dog had been given a different name, but he responded to "Fritz."

The man contacted the Barefoots, who reimbursed him after getting Fritz back.

Lovia Barefoot said Fritz is a little thinner, but "that's probably a good thing."

The man who found Fritz is expected to give a description of the couple to investigators. Cumberland County investigators still are looking for the stolen jewelry.