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England's Attorneys: Client Questioned Without Legal Representation

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FORT BRAGG, N.C. — Army Pvt. Lynndie England arrived at a Fort Bragg courtroom Wednesday morning to prepare for her impending court-martial.

The West Virginia reservist is scheduled to go on trial Jan. 18 on charges of abusing Iraqi prisoners and committing indecent acts at Abu Ghraib prison.

Lawyers are discussing five pre-trial motions in the hearing, one of which includes three incriminating statements made by England during the early stages of the investigation.

England's attorneys want to keep those statements out of evidence. They claim she made those statements against her will and those statements were made without attorneys being present.

Prosecutors argued England was not intimidated. An investigator testified that England was not under arrest at the time and did not ask for an attorney. The investigator also testified that England was not nervous during the questioning.

The hearings are expected to last three days.

England, 21, arrived Wednesday with paralegal Lori Hernandez, and England was wearing standard camouflage and black beret. It is her first court appearance since giving birth to a son in October. She faces 19 charges that carry a maximum of 38 years in prison.

England is one of seven members of the Maryland-based 372nd Military Police Company charged with humiliating and assaulting prisoners at the Baghdad prison.

She became a focal point of the scandal after photos surfaced showing her smiling and posing with nude prisoners stacked in a pyramid, pointing and flashing a thumbs-up, and holding a detainee on a dog leash.

At earlier hearings, prosecutors said England was not on official business, but chose to socialize instead of following orders.

A report by a hearing officer said England was largely led astray by older soldiers in her unit, particularly her ex-boyfriend, Spc. Charles Graner Jr. Attorneys say Graner is the father of England's child.

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