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Authorities Search For Man Exposing Himself To Women

Posted October 13, 2004 4:35 a.m. EDT

— Chapel Hill police want to expose a con man before he exposes himself again.

In the last eight months, a man with no pants has approached a handful of women at Chapel Ridge Apartments. Investigators say the suspect always has a reason why he is half-naked.

"He pretends he needs to use the phone. He's been locked out of the apartment. Someone played a joke on him. He lost a bet," said Sabrina Garcia, of the Chapel Hill Police Department.

The most recent incident happened on Monday.

"The naked man came up to her and tried to get in her car, but luckily her doors were locked and she started freaking out," resident Ashley Butterfield said.

At this point, police think the man is flashing to get a sense of power.

"The longer he can convince a victim to stay with him for the usage of the phone or assistance, the more gratification he gains," Garcia said.

Although no one has been hurt, police worry that could change.

"You don't have any guarantees it won't escalate into something further," Garcia said.

Police have been working with the management of the apartment complex and have also done some stakeouts in the neighborhood in hopes of finding the man.