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Edwards Attends Fund-Raiser, Gives Front-Porch Conversation

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Edwards Fundraiser
DURHAM, N.C. — North Carolina Sen. John Edwards returned in the Triangle for a quick visit on his quest to become vice president.

The Raleigh Democrat headlined an afternoon fundraiser at the Sheraton Imperial in Durham. Friends and supporters shelled out $2,000 to $25,000 for North Carolina barbecue and the North Carolina candidate. Edwards said he and John Kerry have a common set of values and a common vision.

"We believe that tomorrow can be better than today," Edwards said. "If we put our hearts and minds to it and are willing to work for it, the very values I grew up with in that little town in North Carolina, everything is possible."

"I'm a doctor and he's a trial lawyer. For me, it took a lot of come here, but after listening to him, I think he's a great guy," said Dr. P.K. Vyas.

Edwards said he wants to talk with real people, visit them and talk about their issues on their front porch and that is what he did on Monday. From Durham Mayor Bill Bell's front porch, Edwards took questions from neighbors. They asked him about everything from health insurance to the loss of jobs in the state.

The front porch tour is part of the Kerry/Edwards effort to take their message to front porches across America. Edwards left for Washington around 4 p.m.

Edwards was in Florida for church services Sunday. He pledged from the pulpit of a black church that his party will work hard to head off the kind of Florida ballot irregularities that Democrats say gave the White House to George W. Bush.

The president is at the White House Monday, getting ready for a burst of political travel before next week's Democratic convention.

Sunday, the president attended service at Saint John's church in Washington. He flies to campaign rallies in Iowa, and Missouri on Tuesday.

Vice President Dick Cheney was out drumming up GOP support over the weekend. He spoke to huge crowds in three battleground states. He is scheduled to attend campaign events in Missouri and Ohio on Monday.

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