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'60 Minutes': Saddam Defiant, Resigned To Captivity

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NEW YORK — Two officials who have met with Saddam Hussein said he appears to be in good physical condition but seems mentally drained and resigned to his fate.

In an interview to be broadcast Sunday on WRAL, Iraq civilian administrator Paul Bremer told CBS' "60 Minutes" that Saddam was sometimes irritable and defiant this week.

According to Bremer, Saddam has not been cooperative. But Bremer added that U.S. officials have still collected useful intelligence information from the capture.

An Iraqi human rights activist, Mouwafak Al-Rabii, who was imprisoned by Saddam and tortured, said he questioned Saddam about atrocities. Al-Rabii said Saddam "felt absolutely no remorse."

Al-Rabii also said the former dictator used foul language and tried to avoid making eye contact with his visitors.

Meanwhile, a North Carolina soldier who participated in the raid that resulted in Saddam's capture said he was surprised at how the operation went down -- without a shot being fired.

Command Sergeant Major Lawrence Wilson said in a telephone interview from Tikrit, Iraq, that his unit expected a firefight.

The 46-year-old Wilson grew up in Southern Pines, N.C. He was in charge of security for the command and control unit of the first Brigade Combat Team in the fourth Infantry Division stationed at Fort Hood, Texas.

Wilson helped Col. James Hickey direct the 600 soldiers who stood ready to take part in the Dec. 13 raid.

He said the raid started just like those on a dozen other nights. He said the unit had been told before on multiple occasions that there was a possibility Saddam was there.

This one ended with soldiers reporting to the command group that they had Saddam. Wilson said he was too busy coordinating other units to celebrate.

Watch "60 Minutes" Sunday after football on WRAL to see the interview and other details of Saddam's capture.

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