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Thirty New State Laws Go Into Effect Monday

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RALEIGH, N.C. — The holiday season will usher in new laws across the state.

In all, 30 new statutes will take effect Monday, Dec. 1.

One law targets rebirthing,

a controversial therapy that led to the death of a young Durham girl. Another includes a possible two-year license revocation for

anyone convicted of hit and run.

School resource officers are added to a law making it a felony for a school employee to have sex with a student.

Secretly peeping on anyone will be a misdemeanor.

Until now, the law only addressed peeping on females.

Also beginning Monday, all convicted felons will be required to

submit DNA samples to a state database.

Day-care centers also will be subject to tough new sanctions designed to improve child safety.

Operating a day-care facility without a license will be be upgraded to a felony.

North Carolina also will begin seizing guns in domestic-violence cases,

more closely scrutinize sports agents


require inspections for indoor pyrotechnics.

The new child-care regulations will require day-care workers to

put infants to sleep on their backs

in an effort to reduce deaths caused by Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. In addition, workers will have to receive parents' written permission before administering any medication.

Here is a brief look at the laws mentioned above:

  • Judges will be required in some circumstances to seize the guns of people who have domestic violence orders issued against them.
  • Guns will be seized if a judge finds the person has threatened their use against the defendant or a child, has already injured the person or a child, or has threatened suicide.
  • A law to increase the criminal penalty from a misdemeanor to a felony for secretly videotaping anyone in a home or apartment. Distributing any images made while secretly peeping also will result in a felony.
  • State law bans a therapy known as "rebirthing" that led to the death of
  • Candace Newmakerin Colorado three years ago.Use of the therapy, during which a child in wrapped and constrained with blankets and pillows, will result in a misdemeanor upon a first offense and felony for subsequent convictions.
  • It's a felony for a sports agent to furnish anything of value to a student-athlete prior to signing a contract. High schools and colleges could also sue a sports agent who violates the regulations.
  • Fire marshals are required to certify that a site has suitable fire suppression before issuing a permit for indoor pyrotechnics. The law is intended to prevent any fires similar to the one that killed 100 people at a Rhode Island nightclub earlier this year.
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