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DNA Tests Reveal Identity Of Boy Briefly Thought To Be Buddy Myers

Posted July 14, 2003 3:56 a.m. EDT

— A DNA test has determined that a 7-year-old boy left at an Evanston, Ill., hospital earlier this year is the son of a southern Illinois woman, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services announced Monday.

The child known as Eli Quick drew national attention this spring when authorities investigated the possibility that he was actually a missing boy from North Carolina named Tristen "Buddy" Myers. But DNA tests ruled out that theory.

The department said DNA results show that the boy is Timothy Robert Trandel, who is the son of Laura Ann Trandel, of Anna.

Trandel's sister, Cheri, is already raising three of Laura Trandel's children, and has said she also wants to raise Timothy, now living in a Chicago foster home.

The department said it will meet with the Trandel family, the boy's foster family and his therapist to determine the best way to prepare the boy to assume his new identity. DCFS also will assess Cheri Trandel and her home for suitability.

"We think she's a good fit but we want to make absolutely certain that she is," said Jill Manuel, DCFS spokeswoman. "Cheri Trandel is the only biological relative at this time that we believe is viable. We're going to work toward that goal and I don't foresee that there are going to be any problems with her."

The boy turned up in an Evanston hospital in February. DCFS took custody of him after he was left at the hospital by a man named Ricky Quick, who claims to have raised Eli since 1995.

Previous tests showed that the boy was not Ricky Quick's biological son. Ricky Quick has said a prostitute named Laura gave him the boy.

Ricky Quick could not be reached for comment Monday.

Trandel has said her sister left the area on April 2 and has not been heard from since. There was no answer at Trandel's home Monday.

In May, she told The Associated Press that her sister had been home working and overcoming a drug problem for the past five years in Jonesboro after years living on the road, then left abruptly April 2.

Trandel said at the time she would be "willing to take him (the boy) in."