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Franklinton Cop Placed On Leave After Shooting

Posted December 29, 2002 12:43 p.m. EST

— A Franklinton police officer has been placed on administrative leave after a bizarre incident in which he shot a wounded man who pointed a shotgun at him and another patrolman.

The victim, 27-year-old Robert C. Guy of Franklinton, was fatally shot Friday night outside his home by Officer Joseph Amos.

According to a police department spokesman, Amos and another officer responded to a call at 8:17 p.m. about a person being shot on Bowen Street in Franklinton. They arrived to find Guy carrying a shotgun in one hand and a liquor bottle in the other.

Guy had been shot in the shoulder before the police arrived at his house. They believe he may have been tossing bullets into the fireplace when one went off and hit him.

The officers persuaded Guy to put down his weapon, which Amos unloaded and put back down. But then, according to the police spokesman, a person identified as Guy's roommate arrived on the scene and started yelling.

As Amos helped his colleague with the second suspect, Guy picked up the shotgun and attempted to reload it with his back turned to the officers. He abruptly turned toward the officers, and Amos fired his gun, hitting Guy, according to police.

Guy died at the scene.

The roommate was arrested by the Franklin County sheriff's office. It was unclear what charges, if any, were filed against him.

The State Bureau of Investigation said it is reviewing the shooting and will presents its findings to the local district attorney.

The police spokesman said he did not know if there was ammunition in Guy's shotgun at the time of the shooting, but added that the officers "felt that their lives were in eminent danger, and that's why the officer opened fire."

The 28-year-old Amos is an officer for the Henderson police who works part-time for the Franklinton force. Amos remains on active duty in Henderson, where he was worked full-time since 1999, the city's police chief said Saturday.