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Some Schools Systems Hit Hard By Number Of Missed Days

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VANCE COUNTY, N.C. — Winter weather and missed school days is hitting northern and rural school districts hard.

Students in




counties have five school days to make up and in

Warren County

, there are six days to be made up.

Granville County students will make up Monday's missed day on Saturday, Feb. 21. Schools will start at regular time, but will follow an early release schedule.

Vance County

students have 5 days to make up and Monday's day off will mean extending the school year through May or going to class on the weekend.

"If we miss a Monday and the weather is fine the rest of the week, then that Saturday we would make up that day," said Norm Shearin, Vance County Schools superintendent.

Shearin said it is a tough call to close school and more than buses are factored in the decision.

"Can kids get to school? I'm speaking of the walkers that may have to come to school. I'm also speaking of the 16-year-old inexperienced driver that drives to high school. Can they get there safely," Shearin said.

The decision to close schools involves driving the rural roads to check for ice.Shearin said he would rather err on the side of caution.

If the decision is made to open school and a parent feels the roads are not safe, the school system will work out a make-up schedule.

State law mandates children have 180 days in school.


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