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Parents' Complaints Cause Change To School's Corporal Punishment Policy

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ROCKY POINT, N.C. — A Pender County middle school has changedits policy on corporal punishment in response to complaints fromparents.

Authorities say Cape Fear Middle School will still offerpaddling as a means of discipline. But it will have to beadministered by a parent instead of a school official.

Word of the change went out in a letter received Friday by concerned parents.

Three parents began their protests after two of their childrenwere spanked for exposing their buttocks to a school bus Oct. 31. A third child also participated but didn't receive the samepunishment.

The parents' main concerns are whether the offense warrantedsuch severe punishment and whether schools have the authority tospank children.

The parents said that, while the revised policy is a sign of progress,they want to see the policy altogether abolished.

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