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Princeton Police Consider Putting Ads On Cars

Posted November 7, 2002 2:28 a.m. EST

— Although the Raleigh Police department doesn't want its cruisers to look like billboards, officers in Princeton don't seem to mind the concept.

What Do You Think?

To follow up a story that aired on WRAL on Tuesday, the Princeton police department is considering a deal that would put advertisements on the sides of its cars.

Police cruisers cost about $30000 each. A Charlotte company, Government Acquisitions, is offering to sell the cars for just $1 in exchange for placing ads on the cars.

Government Acquisitions has signed deals with about 20 cities but has yet to put the first car on the road.

Raleigh appears to be opposed to the idea, no matter how tight the budget is.

"Our message on our public service vehicles has to be very clear, concise: police, fire and public safety," Raleigh City Manager Russell Allen said. "I can't imagine cluttering that up with other advertisements. I just don't see that being an appropriate venue at all."

Managing partner Ken Allison said his company's concept is a way to make sure police have cars in working order and enough of them to respond to calls.

"If someone showed up at my house to protect my family and they had a Burger King logo on their car, that would be the least of my concerns," he said.