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Neighbors On Fayetteville's Anthrax Street Want Name Change

Posted October 18, 2001 10:47 a.m. EDT

— The usual jeers and jokes have increased for the families who live on one Cumberland County street.

Anthrax Street, which is located in a subdivision just three miles east of Interstate 95, is home to seven families.

People living there want to see the name changed.

"I am embarrassed when I have to say my street name, and it's gotten worse," said Karen Williams, who says that she picked her lot and had her house built in 1996 before the street was named.

Cami Walker built her home on the street in 1997 and favors a neighborhood effort to rename it.

"I never did understand why they would name it that," she said. "It has not been a big issue until now."

According to records, Anthrax Street was approved in March 1996 after Fayetteville surveyor Mike Tate submitted the request. It is not clear who actually came up with the name. Tate did not return phone calls this week seeking comment.

The Cumberland County Planning Department, which approves all county streets, accepts any name as long as it is not obscene or very long. It has to be unique so it can be found in an emergency.

"Basically, we try not to judge anybody's submission," said Mike Osbourn, who oversees the naming process for the county.

At least half of the property owners must agree before the county will consider renaming a street.

"I'm sure I can convince seven people," Williams said.