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RDU Reopens Parking Decks Near Terminal C

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RDU INTERNATIONAL — The Federal AviationAdministration has approved the reopening of 1,200 parking spacesat

Raleigh-Durham International Airport


The airport reopened the spaces closest to RDU's terminalsFriday morning, but under certain conditions.

Airport officials will inspect each vehicle, includingthe interior and the trunk, before it enters the area.

The inspections will happen twice daily, once in the earlymorning and again in the mid-afternoon to early evening.

"I got a report this morning from the people who are running the inspection and they said that everything went smoothly," said RDU spokeswoman Mirinda Kossoff. "Cars got in quickly. There wasn't any hold-up. People were courteous and accepting of what we had to do so it went very well this morning. We hope that will continue."

"I think it's worth taking the extra effort, the extra care to make sure we all feel safe," says air traveler Bruce Peterson.

Once the spaces are full, the parking areas will be closed until 100 to 200 spaces are vacated. They will then be reopened for the next scheduled inspection cycle.

Officials suggest that travelers clear out their vehicles beforethey arrive at the airport except for the luggage they plan tobring with them.

The hourly parking spots had been closed because of new FAArules requiring a 300-foot buffer between the buildings and parkedvehicles.

Gov. Mike Easley also announced that North Carolina National Guard soldiers will be stationed at 12 North Carolina airports beginning Friday, Oct. 5. The deployment is in response to President Bush's request for the National Guard to provide an armed, visible deterrent at commercial airports until the federal government put new aviation safety measures in place.


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