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Air Force Finds Missing C-130 Engine

Posted September 21, 2001 2:09 a.m. EDT

— An Air Force crew cut a trail through thick woods in Scotland County to remove the engine that fell from the wing of a transport plane earlier this month.

The engine from a C-130 transport plane was found some six miles north of the Laurinburg Airport.

The engine was found last Saturday. It's being analyzed, and that will lead to a report in about 30 days on how to prevent the accident in the future. Another panel will look into the accident to determine if anyone was at fault.

The plane, which was from the 41st Airlift Squadron at Pope Air Force Base, lost the outside engine on its right wing at about a thousand feet. Investigators say it was very unusual for an engine to fall off a wing, although it wasn't unusual for one to fail.