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Gov. Easley Wants To Change Way State Employees Are Paid

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RALEIGH — Governor Easley wants to change the way state employees are paid. The state legislature is currently considering an across-the-board raise of $625.

Under a new plan proposed by the state personnel director, state employees would be rewarded for money-saving ideas.

"I think it is a real incentive for employees to work harder and do more. I know the employees in our office, and in the Attorney General's office, liked it," Easley says.

Managers would also have more flexibility in determining who gets raises, but the State Employees Association worries about the competition the plan would promote.

"You will have employees competing against each other. You'll have a lot of strife and probably a lot of grievances and appeals," says Tom Hall of the State Employees Association.

"North Carolina is, by far, the largest employer in North Carolina. We've got a personnel system and a pay system that is over 30 years old," says Rep. Pryor Gibson (D-Anson). "It just doesn't meet the standards that the good state employees, we have, deserve and need."

The proposal would not affect paychecks this year.