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Jacksonville Father Speaks Out About Death Of Fiancee, Three Children

Posted June 28, 2001 5:13 a.m. EDT

— Investigators are still trying to determine whether Robin Parker took her life and the lives of her three children or if the deaths were an accident.

The bodies of Parker, 33, and her three children, Cartara Quantae Williams, 10, and Shonteona Marie Williams, who would have turned 3 on Wednesday, and an 11-month-old boy, QuaSean DeVon Williams were found on the floor of the family's Jacksonville home Tuesday afternoon. An autopsy report show they all died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The bodies were found by Parker's fiance, Stephen Williams, who told authorities he went to the house after Parker did not pick him up at work. Williams said the car's engine in the garage was still running when he found the bodies.

Despite the incident, Williams says he still has warm feelings for his wife and his kids.

"She was an outstanding mother -- a perfect mother who loved her kids. She loved me and I loved her," he says. "I have great kids. There was never any animosity between my kids. They were good kids," Williams says.

Authorities say there was no evidence of any other injuries on the bodies.

Mozell Parker, who last spoke to the family on Monday, said there were no changes in her daughter's behavior and that she had no history of depression.

"I don't know what happened to her, I just want to find out," Parker told WNCT-TV of Greenville Wednesday. "No signs of anything. She talked to me and she talked to my sister Monday night. She told me she was going out yesterday (Tuesday) morning and take the kids with her because she didn't want to leave them in the house by themselves."

WRAL has learned that Parker did have a criminal record and several lawsuits against her in small claims court, totalling several thousand dollars.

Officials say all of the victims were in their night clothes. Family members are trying to make funeral arrangements.