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Devil Gets His Due as Ferry Wins Bet From Ex-Wildcats

Posted April 3, 2001 2:30 a.m. EDT

— Like a lot of Duke graduates, Danny Ferry showed up at work Tuesday with a smile on his face and a wager to settle.

In Ferry's case, those targets of his glee were teammates Sean Elliott and Steve Kerr - both of whom attended Arizona.

``That's been my strategy today, to quietly smile and enjoy it, because that will bother them more than if I was in their faces,'' Ferry said after the San Antonio Spurs held a shootaround in preparation for their game against the Seattle SuperSonics.

``My whole point is to bother them as much as I can about it, but I'm doing it quietly now, said Ferry, who attended Duke from 1985-89.

Duke defeated Arizona 82-72 Monday night to win the NCAA championship, meaning Ferry also won his bets with Kerr and Elliott.

He will collect a case of beer and a dinner from each of them - small stakes given the multimillion-dollar salaries of NBA players.

``It's not too much, but all of us were nervous,'' Ferry said. ``There was some mutual respect going on and none of us was too optimistic about our chances.''

In agreeing upon the terms of the wager, however, all three players stipulated that the winner would get to pick the brand of beer that the loser would have to purchase. Seems there was a little tiff among the Spurs last fall when a losing baseball wager was settled with the cheapest beer available.

``I wouldn't say it was high-quality, but it did come in 40-ounce bottles,'' Elliott said.