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Apex Ostriches Survive Siren Test

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APEX, N.C. — Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant sounded its emergency sirens Wednesday, despite an ostrich farmer's fear the noise would give the birds a heart attack.

Madeline Calder said the ostriches spook easily and she was worried the siren noise might kill them.

The birds survived the siren test, which lasted a few seconds. Caulder said a longer test in August is still a threat to her birds' health.

Calder opened her Blue Heaven ostrich ranch without realizing the power plant was within a 10-mile radius.

For years, the Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant said it has gone out of its way to disable the volume mechanism on its siren as a favor to Calder and her ostriches.

According to the plant, people in the area have asked that the siren be triggered so they can hear what it sounds like in the event of an emergency.

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