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Nash Student's Quick Actions Save Baby

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NASH COUNTY, N.C. — A Nash County mother said her baby boy is alive because of the quick action of a high school senior.

Jill Grant was driving down a Nash County road last week with her son, Michael, in the back seat when another driver pulled out in front of her. The two cars crashed into each other and Grant's car flipped off the road.

"All I remember is when the car rolled, it was a big blur," Grant said.

John Rudolph, 18, was driving right behind Grant when the accident occurred.

"When I saw it roll, I thought that didn't happen, then I saw the splash and realized that just happened," he said.

Grant's car landed in a creek and began filling with water.

"[I] crawled out through the driver side window and sat on the door and I just remember screaming for someone to come get my son out of the back," Grant said.

"I heard the baby and that's when I kind of blanked out," Rudolph said. "All I could do was grab that baby. Just get the baby and make sure the baby was OK."

Rudolph jumped into the water, climbed through the sunroof and pulled the child out. He sat on the car with Grant and her child until help arrived.

"I was just asking him, 'Is Michael OK? Is he OK?'" Grant said.

"I said, 'The baby is fine. Don't worry about that. It's OK. Everything is fine,'" Rudolph said.

"[It was] very brave on his part, you know, because he saved my son's life," Grant said.

Michael and Jill Grant are fine, other than a few bumps and bruises. Rudolph said his mind is back on graduation and deciding where to go to college.

Troopers charged the teenage driver who pulled out in front of Grant with causing the accident. No one was hurt in that car.


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