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Details on House Lottery Hearing Set

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RALEIGH — House leaders have announced details on ahearing set for next week on several lottery referendum bills.

The two-hour hearing by the House Rules Committee is scheduledfor 4p.m. Monday in the Legislative Building auditorium.

No vote is expected at the end of the hearing, which will givepeople on both sides of the issue the opportunity to present theirarguments. Representative Bill Culpepper says speakers will be ableto discuss one of four bills filed this legislative session.

Two of the bills provide details on how the games would be runand what percentage of the proceeds will go to specific programs.

The other two only say the money would go to reduce class sizesin the public schools and to a preschool program for at-risk4-year-olds. Governor Mike Easley has pushed for a lottery withproceeds going to these education initiatives.