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Many Claims Against IBM in Suit Over Unix Code Are Dismissed

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SALT LAKE CITY, UT. — Many of SCO Group’s claims against IBM in a $5 billion lawsuit over Unix code were thrown out by a judge hearing the case in Salt Lake City, UT., The Salt Lake Tribune and The Associated Press reported Friday.

The newspaper said SCO Group’s suit “may have been dealt a crippling blow” by the ruling.

Some two thirds of SCO’s 300 claims were struck down in the case that alleges IBM leaked Unix code for use in the Linux open source operating system.

The case is being followed closely not only by IBM but also Linux developers such as Red Hat in Raleigh and the open source community.

SCO spokesman Blake Stowell told the newspaper that the ruling was a setback. "If two-thirds of your case is stricken, then it is a pretty serious matter. Our lawyers will determine how we proceed from here," he said but also insisted that the company still has the "foundation for a strong case."

An IBM spokesman told the Tribune that IBM would let the judge’s ruling speak for itself.

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