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Group Says It Will Find Cause for Brown Mountain Lights

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ASHEVILLE — An Asheville group says it will find thesource of the mysterious flickers of light that hundreds of peoplehave claimed to see in Western North Carolina.

Joshua Warren heads a group that recently announced it capturedthe elusive Brown Mountain Lights on tape. The video was shot lastNovember from an overlook north of Morganton.

Members of Warren's group have been camping periodically in thearea to find an explanation. They have also started a Web site -w-w-w-dot-brown-mountain-lights-dot-com.

Warren says he welcomes critics of the video. Reviewing it moreclosely may help lead to an explanation for the lights.

The lights have generated a wide range of theories. Theexplanations include that they are evidence of the paranormal andaliens. Others believe they may be natural or man-made.

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